INLINE CLOSURE 12-72 fibers “Chamber,Thailand”



- Made from Material Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), Resistant sunlight (UV) and climatic conditions of the acid and alkali, vibration resistant, Durable pull and bend of cable it well.

- Easy to install (Clamp Lock)

- Can be open and close lid easily without special tools.

- Design a clamp attached on the lid, for easy to use, dropped during operation.

- Prepare successful accessories, easily installed and reduce the time of installation.

- Can be install cable freely and easily with a clamp lock optical fiber cable in order to keep tidy.

- Provide hanging clamp Stainless SUB 304 and disconnect from cable stand, convenient fast install and can be use aerial and air-mounted on pole.

- Designed front cover with space for company name or sprayed or painted stripes Logo is permanently attached to the plastic.

- Splice Tray and lid made from Polycarbonate or white ABS.

- Protective Sleeve length 60 mm and core made of Stainless Steel.

-Size: INLINE CLOSURE = 32(L) x 18(W) x 12(D) cm.

- Weight: INLINE CLOSURE 1.90 Kgs.

- IN – OUT 6 Holes

- Up to 120 Fibers Option

- IP 65, 68

- Brand of Chamber, Products made in Thailand.




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Product Code : JK0013
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