Re-Enterable -Drop Wire Optic 12F Chamber Thailand

Optical Fiber Drop wire Closure Model FOC-CB1612-24DW. Available with optical fiber cable from 12 up to 24 fibers This closure can water protection proof, Weatherproof, Designed for quick installation and easy to use, Thus saving time in the workplace, Greater use of rubber Sealing tape between bolt lid, Can be used this closure is Straight Joint, Branch Joint and Butt Joint.


  • Made of plastic ABS that is resistant to the weather. Resistant acid and alkali, vibration. Durable pull and bend of cable
  • Easy to used and install fast time
  • Used gasket rubber allows of closure able open-closed it easily, without used the special tools and save cost more. Do not rely on the expertise of practitioners.
  • Design by Clip Lock the bold lid stick together without nut for easy to used, if nut not easy to used maybe loss during installation and maintenance activities.
  • Prepare successful accessories, easily installed and reduce the time of installation.
  • Provide hanging clamp Stainless SUB 304 and disconnect from cable stand, convenient fast install and can be mounted on pole.
  • Can be used this closure install in stand mount or pole mount.
  • Designed front cover with space for company name or sprayed or painted stripes Logo is permanently attached to the plastic.
  • Splice Tray and lid made from Polycarbonate and white ABS.
  • Protective Sleeve length 60 mm and core made of Stainless Steel.
  • Size: 35 x 220 x 150 mm.
  • Weight 0.528 kg with 4 holes for cable in-out.

Brand : Chamber, Products made in Thailand.

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Product Code : JK0014
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