Our optical adapter (or connector) product include a full line of single-mode and multi-mode connectors designed for premium performance in factory installation

  • FC Conector conforms to the JIS C-5970 standard and has a non-optical disconnect feature. In addition, it is pre-assembled for easy installation.
  • SC Connector is designed to meet the TIA/EIA-568A standard and feature a blue and green push-pull housing that is dupexable with a simple clip.
  • LC Connector is fully licensed and meets all LC Alliance parameters for form, fit and function. The RJ-45 sized push-pull housing can be quickly converted into a duplex format with a simple clip.
  • ST Connector is designed to minimize assembly timein the field and in production environments.
  • E2000 Connector is designed for latched push-pull connector, automatic metal shultter in connector and adapter as dust and laser beam protection, one piece design for easy and quick termination and high safty in highpower application

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